Canvas is an environment that lets you split test without consequence.

One of your ad variations is vastly out-performing the other four.

This is the best case scenario when split testing on Facebook, having around 50 conversions for each version, and one is outperforming the others. Now you know what works best for this campaign, but how much did it cost to find out? The average cost-per-click on Facebook is $1.72.

Here is the math:

$1.72 x 5 x 50 = $430

One Facebook Split Test

Many digital marketers believe you need around 100-500 conversions for each variation before reaching a conclusion. At 300 conversions for each version, you are spending thousands for each test. At the same time you are showing portions of your audience an ad that they don't optimally connect with.

LIFTR tests each ad variation then scores the copy, headline, and image. LIFTR also gives an overall score that shows the best mix of tested elements. This allows you to test your best ideas, and launch the ones score highest.