Dynamic Creative

A/B testing is an expensive, time consuming and tedious process. Facebook has introduced Dynamic Creative to streamline and improve the process, but you still have to burden the expense of testing to find what will work best.

As the expert, it's your responsibility to leverage your experiences to deliver the best ads for your customers. Tell me if this sounds familiar; You're at work and just received a creative brief detailing your product or service. Immediately your creative juices start flowing. You're sitting with your team brainstorming great ad ideas, ones that are truly captivating and delivering the right messaging your audience needs and wants to see. Just like your ads, life is good. That is until you have to decide which of these great ad ideas are going to be published. Forcing you to ask questions like "Which one will perform the best?".

When it comes to answering that question, it's hard to tell. You're one person making a decision that will affect content shown to thousands or even millions of people. To figure this out, most marketers turn to techniques like Split (or A/B) Testing.

What is Split (or A/B) Testing?

Split Testing allows you to choose multiple elements of an ad, like the image or headline, then test them to see which one gives the best result. The best marketers work like scientists, they ask questions, do research and construct hypotheses. Their goal is to find what combination of elements in an ad will perform the best. To do this, marketers isolate variables in an ad to test, like the copy or image. With every adjustment to one of these variables comes a new test to discover which version of the variable is best.

Facebook’s Dynamic Creative

If you're thinking, "Gee, I sure wish there was a way to automate testing all of these ideas", then you might have heard about Facebook's Dynamic Creative. Facebook's Dynamic Creative accepts the basic components of a Facebook ad (image, video, title, description, etc) and automatically generates optimized ad combinations with these components. To do this, Facebook will spend part of your budget showing various ad combinations to your audience, recording the ad's performance. After a few days, Facebook will start to narrow down the selection of ads to the top-performing combinations. But, discovering the best ad in this pay-to-play environment can be devastating to your budget. That's why at LIFTR, we believe:

You shouldn’t have to spend or wait to find out what will work best!

How LIFTR works

LIFTR is an AI-powered digital marketing tool that understands what creative elements are most engaging. It is trained off of billions of data points from across the internet - continuously growing its database to keep its understanding of engagement current and diverse.

One of the most powerful features of LIFTR is the ability to test all of your best ideas against your existing Facebook audiences BEFORE you launch. What this means is you no longer need to deal with Facebook's pay-to-play testing to know what is the best ad. LIFTR allows you to test individual ideas against various campaigns, seeing which type of audience, targeting or product your messaging works best with.

LIFTR allows you to test five creative elements (headline, copy, CTA, Image) in five different ads. With this data, LIFTR creates over 250 combinations then instantly scores each element and how well the elements work together (like using your first image with your third copy). By taking this data and analyzing previous campaign ads, LIFTR can accurately predict ad performance allowing you to find the best ad before you launch.

With LIFTR, you can test as many ideas as you want.

Turning weeks of guessing into minutes of learning